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Pay Online or mail payment to:

NorthWest Budokan
3631 Federal Ave
Everett, WA 98201

 Select Location: Testing Fee: $10.00    

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Testing gives the student something to work for. It is goal oriented and gives the kids an opportunity to move up in rank and possibly receive a. "Black Belt" one of these days! If a student puts forth the effort required, he/she will be rewarded accordingly.


1.      Testing for BELT promotion will be held at your regular class & time.

2.      Review and practice the testing requirements prior to testing to assure your promotion. Students will not be promoted simply by attending class. Practicing at home is essential!

ō  Punches, Kicks, Blocks, Self Defense Techniques, Balance, Power, Focus and Respect!

3.      All students will be allowed to test. Students who do not want to test for belt rank will do a practice test. But, we strongly urge all students to test for belt rank.

ō  All students are doing well and should pass the test if they practice.

4.      All students testing for belt rank will be charged a testing fee. The fee is $10.00 (make checks out to NorthWest Budokan) and this includes the costs for the new belts and certificates. All students will individually check in with the class assistant or Instructor on testing day. Lilí Dragons will be awarded a Yellow belt with a White stripe for the first promotion. Advanced Lilí Dragons may earn a different color with white stripe. Lilí Dragons being promoted to the full Youth Karate class will be awarded a Yellow belt. Students not testing for belt rank will be awarded a certificate of participation and a ribbon.

ō  Karate Federation dues are not required for Lilí Dragons testing.

5.      There will be NO belts sold. The only way to get a belt is to earn it - they are included if you pass the test!

6.      Spectators are allowed in the room while testing for Lilí Dragons. It is very important that ALL spectators are quiet during the testing. The students will be nervous enough without having to worry about distractions.

7.      Please DO NOT call the instructor or YMCA to see if you passed. Certificates and awards will be presented on awards night, which is scheduled for the week after testing. All parents are invited to attend the demonstration, awards ceremony and graduation to be held at the final class of the semester. Information on the ceremony will be provided the day of testing.

Please make checks out to NorthWest Budokan

Please direct any questions to: Sensei Bernadette

*On most products. Weapons and Large items are not shipped and delivery must be arranged.

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